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  DCT Spring Roadshow in Central China
  Release time2017-01-19

DCT Co., Ltd, taking Direct Processing Technique as the core, develops and manufactureslaser material micro machining equipment and circuit board rapid manufacturingequipment. DCT has gathered talents in mechanical, laser, electronics,software, materials, applications and other professional fields, sets up aR&D team that has rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which becomes the driving force for continuous innovation of DCT’s products.

Insunny March, DCT, bringing with DM300B circuit board engraving machine, heldseveral roadshow in the universities in Hunan, Hubei and Henan in CentralChina. DCT stuff presented intuitively on-site rapid making circuit board to professorssand students, which explained away the professors’ doubt that whether canproduce PCB rapidly and directly in the Lab. The sales and applicationengineers of DCT also answered the questions from professors and students onsite, and discussed the role of DM300B and other direct circuit board processingequipment in the training of college students, the practice of innovation andthe mass allocation of laboratories. DCT equipment has gained recognition of highperformance of stability, accuracy, efficiency and quiet operation from theprofessors.

DCT DM300B/DM300E series are equipment designed for customers who are not willingto reduce performance but have limited budgets. The series has all the maincharacteristics such as coaxial limit, integral casting structure, high speedair-cooled motorized spindle, three axis stepper motor and so on. It is only alittle lower in automation, and can fulfill high-precision double sided PCBproduction rapidly. DCT DM350/DM350H series engraving equipment adopts Germantop-level spindle, and matched with original drive system that can fullyguarantee the machining quality. DM350 selects 60000rpm spindle, and itsperformance can meet almost all kinds of copper clad laminate processing anddrilling, and also suitable for profile milling and other materials processing.DM350H selects 100000rpm spindle, which is specially designed for RF microwaveplate processing. Its super high speed and stability makes the processed lineget high quality sidewall.

This event has been successfully completed. The professors expressed high degree ofrecognition to DCT equipment. Regarding the advice from customers, we willcontinue to improve the product. Always holding innovative and pragmatic spirit, we will provide customers with better equipment, also looking forwardto meet with you in coming roadshow in future.


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