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  New generation of PCB processing system DL500 launched
  Release time2017-01-19

Upon user's request and practical application, we have introduced a new generation of DL500 laser circuit board processing system based on the DL100 laser circuit board processing equipment,which has fully considered the user's requirements for accuracy, processingspeed and stability. The overall layout of the DL500 platform is compact and reasonable, integrated with operation module and drive module, which canprovide accurate motion control. The effective processing range of laser is500mm*500mm, which can be suitable for more types of products; it is equipped with the latest version of data processing software-CircuitCAM7 LaserPlus and device driving software-DreamCreaTor; as a result of elaborate research and development, the software and hardware of DL500 is with good compatibility and stability,which makes the PCB processing performance of DL500 play to the extreme.

DL500 adopts the granite platform andbridge structure, which provides the stable and reliable platform during the processing, and greatly improves the machining precision. The optical system ofDL500 adopts German top class galvanometer; it brings with a high level of machining accuracy, stability, reliability and scanning speed; the processed data can be fully matched with application process; and it is equipped with German telecentric lens; the laser beam is vertically emitted to the surface of the processing materials within the processing area, and keepthe consistency of thefocal length; the laser machine for DL500 has long life, good stability, highconversion efficiency and good processing quality. There is no need forpreheating, water cooling, and high voltage power supply. It is convenient and easy to use.

DL500 is not only suitable for multi-technicaltype of circuit board proofing, but also suitable for high precision, multi-varietyand small batch production. It not only can complete the direct processing pattern of PCB with various base materials, but also can remove the organic materials on the board surface, such as soldering film, and the anticorrosion pattern of high polymer of DCT’s electrophoresis laser technology in patent. Meanwhile,it is also able of drilling, cutting the contour of microwave circuit board and processing of copper foil. It makes PCB processing not only environmentally friendly, but also good and fast and easy. DL500 has become one of the most powerful assistants in the field of laser PCB manufacturing.






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