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  DCT is taking part in Productronica 2017 show in Muenchen
  Release time2017-01-19

Know-How, proprietary technology and exclusive know-how is the best way to solve problem,and it is  also the key and shortcut to improve efficiency and guarantee the quality.

Computer,a milestone in the history of human development: good at collecting information, processing data and disseminating information; which is omnipotentin stead of mental activities, widely applied, powerful and unparalleled.

Know-How+Computer = Software, software that programmed with technical know-how: no physical form, unlike hardware that with draw backs as aging wear, is a series of collection ofcomputer data and instructions which is in accordance with the specific orderorganization; simple and intuitive, eliminate cultural and language barriers, theknowledge that is most easy to learn and accept; Low price but high value, itis the key of software products involving a lot of mental labor, logical thinking, intelligence activities and the level of technology.

Laser,one of the new four great inventions: directional light, high brightness, pure colorand great energy; it is the sharpest cutter, the most accurate ruler, and the brightest light.

DLseries equipment=Software+Laser: R&D and manufactured by DCT, the technical know-how gotten from repeatedly practice is programmed into software; the abstract application experience accumulated over the years is designed and structured  with the equipment; computersoftware is skillfully used to process design data and precisely control the laser by making full use of the physical characteristics of the Laser; Mechanical,Electronic and Optical Technology are well integrated and result in highprocessing efficiency and excellent processing quality; with excellent cutting,drilling and removal performance, Direct Laser Circuit (DLC) and Direct Laser Solderability technology is the one and only.

Aweapon is used for attack or defense, at a critical moment, a trick to win. In most cases, DCT equipment is used to solve technical problems and improve workefficiency; it can fulfill difficult processing such as cold processing, fixed-depth processing, precision micro machining, sensitive brittle materials and so on; with DCT equipment, regarding design, research and development, what you think iswhat you get; like printing, laser can be used to strip copper foil directly, whichcan make all kinds of circuit board; the introduction of new products bysurprise enable customers to seize market share, and win more business opportunities.

Tools,which are used daily, help to achieve daily life and production goals. Inrecent years, DCT equipment has appeared in the factory of the electronic service manufacturer, in bulk form, dealing with tiny hole and blind hole drilling,cutting coating film, soft plate forming, de-board after SMT, steel mesh production, all kinds of precision cutting, SMT template design, microwave PCBs manufacturing, has become the production equipment for the domestic first-line EMS suppliers for some high-end products; recently, the equipment has been batch installed at the plant of the world-renowned 3C products EMS, composing of high automatedproduction lines with other devices, works 7x24 hours, to produce the mostimpressive product of electronic technology products.

It is not important to be a weapon or a tool, but the important thing is that we should know what the others know. If you are involved in the circuit board design, manufacturing, SMT, EMS, 






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